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Read carefully these Terms of Use. We recommend printing a copy to add it to your archive, as well as copies of the future versions, because these will be updated in time. In case that, because of any reason, you do not agree with these Terms of use or you do not want to adhere to them, you have to not access or use our site.


  • Details about us
  • Your responsibility for all people accessing our website using your device or your internet connection.
  • Availability of our website.
  • Modifications we may make to these Terms of use and other documents.
  • The details of your account.
  • Ownership of the materials displayed on our website.
  • Uses permitted for the materials on our website.
  • Forbidden uses of our website.
  • Links to our website.
  • Responsibility exclusions and limitations.
  • Damages.
  • Annulments.
  • Restrictions referring to age.

The law and jurisdiction in force.  

Details about us.

SEATBELT CONSULTING S.R.L , with headquarters at 5, Munitiei Street, Floor 3, Ap.9, Room 1, Sector 6, Bucharest county, registered at the Commerce Registry under number J40/7094/2011, Fiscal code registration RO28607739, banking account no RO24RZBR0000060013643981, open at RAIFFEISENBANK ROMANIA, with the email address:   operates the website:  .

Your responsibility given the people who access our website using your device or internet connection.

You have to make sure that any person accessing our website from your computer or devices, or who has the permission or the possibility to access our website from your computer or devices, or that uses your internet connection, are aware of these Terms of use and any other document mentioned within these Terms, and that these persons also agree to respect these Terms of use. If because of any reason, these persons do not agree with these Terms of use, they must not access or use our website, and you should not allow them to do so.

Availability of our website.

We do not guarantee and do not give any assurance that:

  1. The website will be available at any given moment or any given location;
  2. Your access on the site will be continuous and uninterrupted;
  3. The website will be accessible or streamlined for all browsers, computers, tablets, phones etc.
  4. We reserve the right to suspend the access fully or partially to the website due to any reason, inclusively due to commercial or operational reasons, as well as due to the improvement of the aspect or functionality of the website, content updating, periodical maintenance or solving out any issues we might encounter.
  5. Our website is supplied only to users from Romania. Although it is possible to access the website from other countries, we do not make any statement concerning the conformity of our website to the legal requirements in force in any other jurisdiction than Romania.
  6. Modifications we may make to these Terms of use and other documents.

We reserve the right to periodically update these Terms of use, the Confidentiality Policy, the Policy concerning cookies and any other document mentioned by any of these. We may change the Terms of use and other documents for any reason, inclusively to:

  1. Reflect any changes in the manner we manage our business;
  2. We take into consideration any modification we make on our website, inclusively, but not limited to, any new characteristics or functionalities we supply, any adjustments to the means through which we provide you with notifications, or any other modifications to the content, purpose or availability of the website;
  3. We describe accurately our present activities in processing data, so that you could be up to date with the most recent practices;
  4. We inform you about any changes in the way we use cookies or similar technologies for the data collection;
  5. We make sure that our documentation respects and will continue to respect all the applicable present and future laws, regulations and guidelines.

In case this thing is requested by the law, we will inform you about any modification of these Terms of use or of the other documents they refer to, by publishing an announcement on website and/or by posting an updated variant of these Terms of use or other such documents on our site with a new effective date indicated at the beginning of those.

If you choose to continue using our website after the update of the Terms of use, then you agree to respect these updated versions. You will be notified beforehand about the updates made. By continuing access to our website after the update of the confidentiality policy and/or cookies policy, you also agree, that the practices set up in those updated policies will apply to processing your personal data and the use of cookies and similar technologies.

You must check these terms of use and all the other documents, to which they refer to, every time you access our website so that we could make sure that you are aware of the terms that apply at that very moment.

The date at which these Terms of use and/or any other documents (inclusively our confidentiality policy and cookies policy) were modified is displayed at the top of the respective document under the denomination “effective date” of the document.

Property of the materials displayed on our website.

All trademarks, service trademarks, commercial denominations, logos, author copyright, and other right of intellectual ownership on our website and its content either belong to us, or are licensed by us. All these rights are protected by the law concerning the intellectual in Romania, and all rights are reserved to us. Any use of the website and its content, excepting the situation it is expressively authorized in this document, it is strictly forbidden. Any rights that are not expressively granted herein are reserved to us.

All trademarks, service trademarks, commercial denominations, logos, and other trademarks detained by third parties and used or displayed on or through our website (collectively named “Third party trademarks”) may be trademarks of their owners, which may or not approve of us or be affiliated or connected to us. Excepting the case in which it is expressively stated in these Terms of use or in the terms provided by the owner of a third party trademark, no statement within these Terms or use or within our website cannot be interpreted as granting, by deduction or others, any license or right to use any of our trademarks or any third party trademark, which is used or displayed on the site, without previously receiving permission in writing. We will exclusively benefit from any benefit generated by the use of our trademarks.

Data and contents on our site supplied based on an independence relationship.

  1. Our website is made available to provide you general data about us, about our business, and about any product or services we periodically offer. We do not make our website available for any other purpose, excepting the cases expressively stipulated in these Terms of use.
  2. The content of our site is not conceived as advice. You should not count on any content of our site in any purpose, and you should look for independent professional advice before deciding to base any action on any content available on our website.
  3. We do not offer any guarantee, expressively or implicitly, that any content or materials available on our site are exact, complete, or periodically updated.

Permitted uses for the materials on our website.

  1. The content on our site is supplied only for personal, private, and non-commercial use. You can print or distribute the content of our website for personal, private, and non-commercial reasons, and you can make others within your organization aware of the content of our website. You cannot extract, reproduce, or distribute the content of our website for any other purpose without our written consent obtained beforehand.
  2. Whenever you print, download, distribute, or transmit content from our website to other people, you should not add or delete anything or modify the text on our site; you must not modify any image, in any way; you must not eliminate any accompanying text on such images, materials or graphs, and you must ensure that the entire content transmitted to a third party is an exact representation of the content as it appears on our site.
  3. It is forbidden to use any technology for the extraction or mining data, or any other similar tools of third parties for the extraction or reproduction of any data or content on our site without our written consent obtained beforehand.
  4. Whenever you transfer any content or materials from our site towards anybody, you must credit us as authors of such content or materials (or other authors, whenever they were credited by us).

Forbidden uses of our website.

  1. a) It is forbidden to reproduce, duplicate, copy, or resale any part of our site, or any content of our site, excepting the case when such a thing is expressively permitted by these Terms of use.
  2. b) Without our written consent obtained beforehand, it is forbidden to access, intervene, destroy, or disturb in any way:

– Our site or any component part of this one.

– Our systems.

– Any hardware or equipment or any of the network on which our site is hosted.

– Any software we use to create or modify the website or to make the site available to you.

– Any hardware, equipment, network, server, software or technology belonging or operated by us or any other third party.

  1. c) You must use our website only in legal purposes and in accordance with these Terms of use. It is forbidden the use of our website:

– For any illegal purpose or that breaches the applicable national or international laws or regulations in any way.

–  For any fraudulent purpose.

–  To perform any unsolicited or unauthorized publicity, or direct or indirect commercialization toward anyone through any means.

– To upload, host or transmit viruses, malware, adware, spyware, worms, Trojan horses, loggers, logical bombs, or any other damaging software, or codes, which may affect the use or the operation of our website, our hardware or systems.

–  To communicate with or for harming children.

– In any manner or for any purpose that breaches these Terms of use or the terms of any documents to which these Terms of use refer.

– It is forbidden the transmission of any data about yourself if you are under 18 or about any other person whose age is under 18; if they are 18 years old or more, in case you have not received their written consent beforehand to transmit data about them.

If they are 18 years of age or older, unless you have received their prior written consent to share information about them.

– It is forbidden to send us data which is considered “sensible personal data.” “Sensible personal data” is data about you, or any other person, which disclose the racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, the quality of union member or genetic data, biometric data, data concerning health, sexual life, or sexual orientation.

– If you send us such data accidentally, it will be considered that you agreed with the processing of such data, based on item nine paragraph (2) letter (a) from the General Regulation concerning the data processing ((UE) Regulation 2016 / 769).

Links to other websites.

Links with content or third party sites may appear on our site periodically. We are not answerable for the content of any websites accessible through any link (links) on our site. Any content of the sites of third parties is out of our control, and we do not guarantee that such content is appropriate for use, or viewing, legal, or correct.

Any website of a third party, accessible through a link on our site, may collect and process your data. We are not responsible for any such activities concerning the processing of data achieved by a third party website which is linked to our site, and we do not take responsibility concerning such data. You have to verify the confidentiality policy of such third party to establish the manner in which this one may use your data before deciding to use the website and its characteristics.


Links to our site.

  1. a) It is forbidden to publish links toward our site from other websites you own, without obtaining our written consent beforehand.
  2. b) In case you obtained the consent to publish links toward our site:

– You may publish links toward our site on other websites you own, provided these websites and the use of any connection toward our website respect these Terms of use.

– Whenever you publish a link toward our website on any other site, you agree to do so in an adequate manner, and not in a defamatory or contemptuous manner, which could bring damages to us or our business;

– It is forbidden to publish links toward our site to suggest any type of partnership, collaboration, affiliation, business relationship with us, in case such affiliation does not exist, and in any way, a written consent must be obtained in writing beforehand.

– We may withdraw our permission to publish links toward our website at any moment. In case we withdraw the permission for publishing links toward our website, and we inform you about it, you must remove any link toward our site immediately.

Exclusions and limitations to responsibility.

We do not limit our responsibility toward you if it is illegal to do so, for instance, for death or body harm due to our negligence. In case the applicable law does not allow the application of all the responsibility limitations below, limitations will apply only in the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law.

In no case and under no circumstance, we (including the parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, official officers, managers, members, employees or agents) will not be answerable to you for any loss, damage (either direct, indirect, punitive, factual, accidental, special or others), costs, obligations or penalties, contractual or prejudice, of breaking the rights stipulated by law, or otherwise stipulated or not, concerning:

  1. The use of our site;
  2. Any data corruption or loss.
  3. Any incapacity to access our site, inclusively, but not limited, to any interruptions, suspensions, or withdrawals of our site (regardless the reason).
  4. d) Any use of any content or material on our site, inclusively any decisions made based on this content or material.
  5. e) Any loss of savings, profits, sales, business or revenues.
  6. f) Any damage to reputation.
  7. g) Any other secondary, successive or indirect losses, even if we were warned about the possibility of such losses or damages, without limitation, you will be answerable for the reparation costs or corrections in the case of such losses, deteriorations, costs, expenses, or penalties.
  8. h) We will not be responsible for any damage which could have been avoided if our advice to apply a free of cost update or for damages caused by you, due to the fact that installation instructions have not been followed accordingly or the minimal requirements we recommended were not respected.

You explicitly agree that we will not be answerable for any defamatory content or behavior, offensive or illegal of any third party, and the damage or deterioration risk of the above-mentioned facts are based fully on your actions.

You agree that, in case you have damages or losses from or related to our actions or omissions, those damages will not represent a valid reason to block any exploitation of the website, services, properties, products or any other content we hold.

To the extent that any of the provisions of this clause 13 (exclusions and limitations of the responsibility) are not applicable as total exclusions for responsibility, these will be interpreted as limitations of the responsibility, limiting our responsibility towards you in the greatest extent permitted by law.


You (as well as any third party for which or on behalf which you administer an account of manage an activity on our website) agree to protect us (at our demand), to pay us damages for any claim, debt, damage, expense, inclusively, and not limited to, honoraria and legal costs, resulting from or are in any way related to any of the following (inclusively as a result to your direct activities on the website or of those made on your behalf):

(a) Material uploaded by you, accessing and use of the website.

(b) Breaching or alleged breaching of these terms of use.

(c) Breaching the third parties’ rights, inclusively, but not limited to, breaching any right of intellectual property, publicity, confidentiality, property or the right to a private life.

(d) Breaching any laws, rules, regulations, codes, statutes, ordinances, or orders of any governmental or quasi-governmental authority, including, without being limited to, all the regulating, administrative and legislating authorities.

(e) Any kind of denaturation made by you to the content of the website.

  1. f) You will fully cooperate when we ask you in defending any claim. We reserve the right to assume exclusive defense and control over any issue subjected to damages by you.


The website is supplied based on the principles “exactly as it was created”, “when it is available”, and “with all related flaws,” if this is allowed by law.

We do not make any statement or guarantee or confirmation of any kind, express or implicit, regarding:

(a) Service.

(b) Website content.

(c) Users’ content.

(d) Security associated with the transmission of the data to the website.

Moreover, we annul all guarantees, express or implicit, inclusively, but not limited to, the marketability guarantees, adequate to a certain purpose, the inexistence of a counterfeit, title, integration with any system and safety against viruses.

We do not represent or guarantee the fact that:

  1. Services will be without errors or uninterrupted.
  2. Defects will be corrected.
  3. The service or server that makes the service available lacks any damaging components, inclusively, and not being limited to, viruses.

We do not make any statement or guarantee that the data (inclusively any instructions) about services are correct, full, or useful.

Accept the fact that using the website represents a risk you assume.

We do not guarantee that your use of the site is legal in any special jurisdiction, and we expressively annul such guarantees.

Certain jurisdictions limit or do not allow the annulment of implicit guarantees or other guarantees, so that the above exclusion from responsibility will not apply to you if the respective law is valid for you and for these terms of use.

By accessing or using the website, you represent and confirm the fact that your activities are legal in each jurisdiction where you access or use this service.

We do not claim any content on this site, and expressively deny any responsibility or responsibility toward any person or entity for any loss, damage (real, punitive, or any other time of damage), prejudice, claim, responsibility or of any other nature, based on or resulted from a any content on this site.

Age restrictions concerning the use of our site.

Our website and all products or services available on or through the website are not meant for the use of persons under the age of 18.

If you are under 18 years old, you must not use our site, to buy or try to buy any of our products or services or provide us any data about yourself or anybody else.

We do not intentionally process data about any person who has not turned 18.

  Law and jurisdiction.

These terms of use, all documents to which they refer to, and possible litigations appearing from or related to these or any other documents they refer to, either contractual or non-contractual, will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the law in Romania.

The courts of law from Romania have exclusive competence upon any claim or litigations coming from or related to these terms of use and any documents they refer to.