Unique in Romania

Your company is different. Why the training shouldn’t be too? We are the only company that elaborates educational films, personalized for your workplace. You call us depending on your schedule, either in person or online. It is easier than saying SSM-SU.

The best set up a meeting here

You will enjoy trainers specialized in SSM-SU and educated by the best trainers in public speaking. Any wasted time costs. Take advantage from every second! We started with the idea of making things differently, and we succeeded. Thus:


The training is
not boring


Schooling is


Theory is


The approach is
modern and cool


Learning can be done differently. You need only to want it.

When you hear that something new to learn comes up, you get a headache. However, you can learn and have fun at the same time. Spend quality time and find vital information at the SSM-SU live trainings. Your employees will certainly enjoy them.

Learn now for tomorrow’s lessons.

Let`s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention bloc, on the right.

How would you like to meet?

meeting Set together a location and an hour, after which we meet and discuss.
camera Set together an available hour for both, after which we talk on go2meeting. I will give you the meeting`s link, you just need to have:
laptop Or img With mic And camera Optional

meet meet meet meet meet meet meet meet