This Confidentiality Policy defines the way in which we, SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL, collect, stock, and use your personal data when you access or interact with our website  and from where we obtain or collect your personal data.

The Confidentiality Policy applies starting with May 22nd, 2018.

We want to provide you with the best services, respecting all legal dispositions in the field of personal data protection, especially of the General Data Protection Regulation no 679/2016 (“GDPR”) and of the principles expressed by this one, respectively: legality, correctness, and transparency; limitation to the specific purpose; data minimization; data accuracy; stocking limitation; integrity and confidentiality; responsibility


  • Summary.
  • Details about our company.
  • What data we collect when you visit our website.
  • What data we collect when you contact us.
  • What data we collect when you interact with our website.
  • What data we collect when you access the online shop. .
  • Use of the automatic systems to make decisions and profiling.
  • How we collect your data from third parties.
  • Disclosure and additional use of your personal data.
  • Duration of personal data stocking.
  • Safety of personal data.
  • Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Space.
  • Your rights on the personal data.
  • Your right to object against the processing of your data for certain purposes.


This section summarizes the way in which we obtain, stock, and use your personal data. This summary has as purpose to give you a general image upon the confidentiality policy.

How we collect or obtain your data:

By accessing the website .

By signing up to the Newsletters.

We collect data about the way in which you use our services, as the type of content you visualize or with which you interact, frequency and duration of the activities, aiming to improve them, all of them gathered on the platform.

When you access our website, some data are collected through cookies and other similar technologies.

Occasionally from third parties.

What data we collect when you interact with our website :

  1. a) Name, IP, contact details, data from cookies, data about the device used (for instance, the type of device and web navigator), data about the manner in which you use our website (what pages you accessed), date/hour at which you accessed our website and where you clicked, geographic location from which you accessed our website (based on IP address).
  2. b) name of the company or business (if applicable), VAT registration number (if applicable), introducing any supplementary data you collect from or in relation with natural persons.

How we collect your data from third parties.

Applications, web sites and integrations from third parties, within the services SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL.

When you use applications, web sites or other services from third parties, which use or are integrated in our services.

New owner.

If the ownership right, or the partial or total control over our Services and assets, associated to those, changes, it is possible to transfer your data to the new owner.

Giving data to partners and third party clients.

We collaborate with third party companies, which help us to provide and improve our Services, or which use our publicity products or associated products, and this thing maintains the functioning of our companies and gives us the possibility to offer free services to people all around the world.

Traders, service suppliers, and other partners.

We transfer data towards traders, services providers, and other partners to solve infrastructure technical services, to analyze the manner in which our services are used, to measure the efficiency of our commercials and services, to supply assistance to clients, to facilitate payments, or perform polling and academic research.

Duration of personal data stocking.

Personal Data can be used only until the end of the recruitment process, and if you opted to have them included in our database, in any of the modalities mentioned above, we will process them until you withdraw your consent about this processing.

If Personal Data will be needed in financial – bookkeeping purposes, they will be stocked for this purpose, during the period imposed by the legal provisions (5 years from the closing of the financial exercise within which the final processing took place).

If Personal Data are necessary in order to protect one of our rights in court, these will be stocked during the prescription period for the right to action, or during the unfolding period of any litigate in front of the court.

When any of the situations previously mentioned appears, we will delete the Personal Data from our database and take reasonable measures to request that our clients, to whom we disclosed these Personal Data, delete these Personal Data from their database.

Safety of personal data.

We wish that the personal data you give to us stay with us. Therefore, we implement every necessary technical and organizational measure to ensure their safety against accidental destruction, loss, unauthorized disclosure. Our staff is trained to manage the data received from you; our clients and suppliers also assume, at their turn, confidentiality obligations; our informational systems are thus protected that they prevent security breaches, as much as the technology allows it at the moment.

In that considering our website, there are security measures for the servers that host our website and they include antivirus, firewall, regular control of the security and security scanning, testing for vulnerabilities, testing systems for intrusions.

Transfer of your data outside the European Economic Space.

Menţionăm faptul ca unii dintre clienţii noştri pot fi din alte tari UE sau chiar din tari non UE , implicati in procesul de recrutare, si carora le vom transmite, pentru derularea procesului de recrutare, Datele Personale. In acest din urma caz, ne vom asigura ca vor fi semnate, inainte de transmiterea Datelor Personale, clauze contractuale standard pentru garantarea securitatii Datelor Personale.

Incidentally, the IT services suppliers from SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL &nbsp(website hosting, computer system maintenance), as well as suppliers of other services as juridical consultants (in the case that a litigate situation may appear), auditors or collaborators directly involved in the recruitment process may have access to the Personal, but in all these situations, they will have a temporary and/or limited access and only to the Personal Data that they access incidentally or only for the period needed to supply the respective service. All our suppliers have to respect the confidentiality obligations.

Also, SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL  may make the Personal Data available to Surveillance Authority, the courts of law, in case of some litigates, to other state authorities with control attributions, if they request so, any time such a legal disposition imposes such a disclosure, or to protect our legit rights and interests.

Your rights on the personal data.

Since we process Personal Data that belongs to you, you have, given the rapport with SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL , more rights given by the legislation in the data protection field. These rights are the following:

  1. To request to the company access to the Personal Data (based on item 15 from GDPR) and that presumes the right to obtain a confirmation from the company processing your Personal Data, as well as data concerning: the purpose of the processing, the categories of data processed, their destination, period for their stocking, the existence of the right to ask us the correction or deletion of the Personal Data, to restriction the processing, or the right to oppose, the right to make plaint before a surveillance authority if there is an automated decisional process, respectively, if decisions are made only as result to the automated processing of the personal data, if the data are transferred to third party countries, and what guarantees we implemented to ensure the security of the data we transferred.
  2. To solicit to the representatives of SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL the rectification, without unjustifiable delays, of the Personal Data that do not correspond to the present situation, based on item 16 from GDPR; SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL  will periodically update the databases, situation in which you may receive requests in that purpose. However, we ask you to contact us immediately after there was a change in the Personal Data you sent to us in order to make the necessary update.
  3. To withdraw your consent for the processing of the Personal Data and request their deletion, with the mention that this will not affect the legality of the processing based on that consent, before you withdrew it or in any other cases stipulated by the item 17 from GDPR;
  4. To request restriction to processing until the rectification of the Personal Data or, in case you oppose the processing, until the moment this request is solved OR in other cases stipulated by the item 18 from GDPR;
  5. To oppose the processing of Personal Data aiming to receive Newsletters, based on item 21 from GDPR;
  6. To make a plaint in front of a personal data processing surveillance authority or a court;
  7. If and in the extent that legal conditions are met, you will also have the right to the data portability.

Your right to object against the processing of your data for certain purposes.

For any questions concerning the above, as well as for exercising any of your rights, you can contact the person responsible for the data protection in writing at the email address  or to the address for the company’s headquarters.

If you want to announce the deletion of the personal data, or you want to let us know that you do not want to have your data stocked in any way in the database of SEATBELT CONSULTING SRL  , you can send a request to the official email address: