Fasten your seatbelt. We take off!

Keep in mind: chair, mirror, seatbelt. Wait a minute; that was at the driving school. However, your employees must permanently keep in mind how to handle the installations and tools. No one jokes with ISCIR! Nevertheless, you are relaxed when your guys manage everything!

You always make the safe bet

When it comes to the people’s safety, you have to take everything into consideration. From the risk areas to the used installations and tools. Make sure that they get a full training, as from the book. As from the ISCIR big book.

Why should you do that?


Rules respected
item by item


No tool
would be hurt


Your guys get back
home healthily


You avert
high fines


When everything is applied in accordance with the rules, work goes smoothly.

Step on it. Step on it. Come on, it started!

Let`s talk! Next stop: Safety street, Prevention bloc, on the right.

How would you like to meet?

meeting Set together a location and an hour, after which we meet and discuss.
camera Set together an available hour for both, after which we talk on go2meeting. I will give you the meeting`s link, you just need to have:
laptop Or img With mic And camera Optional

meet meet meet meet meet meet meet meet