Change your perception about safety in the workplace

Documents and files are boring. How it would be if you didn’t do them anymore? Not for good, just that you wouldn’t make them yourself. Throw the responsibility in our field, and we will do everything necessary so that your company functions in accordance with the law. Your employees get back home healthy, and you forget about losses and get rid of your fear that you would go to prison. Not to talk about the high fines.

What do you get from this thing?

Things are done differently. Safety is everyone’s priority, but we are invested in YOUR safety. That means that everything is done in accordance with your activity type, and you get only personalized services. We draw up the SSM-SU and PSI documentation that you need, and we make sure that it will be implemented. We come at once if you need us due to your nationwide coverage. We guarantee everything, inclusively the file rail.


We are unnervingly


And extremely

Seatbelt saves lives. Prevention saves situations.

An old time saying says that it is better to prevent than to fix. Be informed and secured, through law, guaranteed.

Secure your spot with Seatbelt.

Vorba dulce, confirmări aduce.Vezi ce au spus colaboratorii noştri despre serviciile noastre.

Radu Achitei EHS Manager EEME Amazon Development Center Romania

Through the position I hold within the company, I collaborated with many external services, and I can say with full transparency that the Seatbelt Consulting team stood out from qualitative point of view, well over the average that exists on the market in Romania right now.

About their solutions, I can say that they are designed and adapted to the needs of the organization I represent, thus:
– Trainings are practical, interactive, and inspirational;
– Programs for the “Safety” cultural development are very efficient;
– The documentation drawn up is practical and covers all requirements;
– Awareness campaigns aim and are adapted to the company’s culture;
– The task management is at a high level.

I recommend the Seatbelt team for their professional service and for their proactive attitude.

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Ioana Grigore HR Manager Orange Services

We have been working with Seatbealt for many years. I can say that they are always willing to help; they treat our requests swiftly and well, and they invest a lot in the digital side of the business – thing that has turned out to be extremely useful. I have received consulting and good advice; we have the training process well established – both periodically, but also for the new comers; we are accompanied and supported in all situations of work accidents. I am glad to be working with them, and I recommended them to other companies as well.

Alina Radulescu Human Resources Manager Scandia Food

I warmly and responsibly recommend the Seatbelt team; they are the number one professionals on the market nationwide. They work with modern, even cutting-edge tools: online platforms, training and awareness films, impact posters, very clear work signaling, systems and procedures. They have a very well trained team, which is spread in all the counties of the country; they are innovative in the prevention activities, and very proactive in the unfolding of daily activities in the SSM, SU field.

Mircea Rus Health Safety and Wellbeing Manager Endava Romania

During the entire collaboration with Seatbelt Consulting, I felt like being part of the team; a team that is positively different from any external service for prevention and protection.

When most consultants are stuck in red tape, the Seatbelt team pushes limits, help you to widen the whole picture, to act, and to step forward.

Lorand Soares Szazs Founder & CEO

I recommend Seatbelt because they are professionals, prompt, and good in what they’re doing, but more than that, they represent the company that has managed to transform these services, compulsory by law, in something that you can enjoy. The trainings with them are fine, and the employees can’t wait for them!

Congratulations to Bogdan and Seatbelt team!

Andreea Valentina Ivan HSE-FM-RIM Lead Sanofi Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic and Slovakia

We started the collaboration with Seatbelt in 2019, and I must admit that I didn’t expect to find partners that could make me believe that the field of work safety and security may be regarded with interest by all employees, but that’s what happened.

People make the difference, and the Seatbelt Company found people that represent them successfully; they bring not only a vast experience to the table, but also innovative solutions, as well as the necessary “we can do it” attitude. This matters, especially when it comes to specific and personalized requests.

The professionalism and the innovative manner of talking and presenting a subject, which otherwise is pretty unfriendly, as it is SSM and PSI-SU field, makes me to give this recommendation easily, to anyone who is looking for a company with true professionals.

They will certainly find a trustful, long-term partner, in the Seatbelt Company.

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Bogdan Comanescu

I have recently finished a training and coaching program for a sales team at Seatbelt, and it lasted for six months!

I liked three things:
1. The respect and care towards their clients. These people have THE COMMON SENSE in the Company Culture! Not stated on the site, but REAL!
2. The team spirit,
3. The seriousness in their preparation!

My dears, it is an honor to work with you!

Paul Ardeleanu

I have known the Seatbelt team for over five years, and I can say that they are one of the companies with a standard hardly met in their field.
First, I met them as an employee at the Soares Consulting company, and I saw:
– Work protection training at art level,
– Practical and extremely useful data,
– Real interest for participants,
– Proactivity.

Afterwards, I met the team as a training provider (Public Speaking), and for four years, I have been offering public speaking training to the work protection inspectors within Seatbelt.
I don’t know any other work protection company that would invest in Public Speaking courses.
I recommend Bogdan Neagu and the entire Seatbelt team with pleasure!

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Nicoleta Predescu HR Manager

Being a partner of Seatbelt regarding occupational health and safety and emergency situations issues, means that you have ensured a quality, prompt and serious service!

A company with employees open to challenges, always ready to offer you support in solving any situation and finding solutions.

Andreea Georgescu HR Manager

As HR Manager, I am particularly responsible for increasing the happiness of employees in the relationship with the employer. But no one can be happy until they feel safe and protected by the employer.

Four years ago I was lucky enough to meet the Seatbelt team and since then we have only had the best quality services in the field of work  that was quite ignored in Romania until a few years ago.

Their services do not refer to the bureaucracy behind the legislation, but to education and accountability, risk awareness and management. And all of this in the most friendly and modern way possible.


We have been collaborating with Seatbelt for almost 3 years, during which time we were very satisfied with the services offered. We feel safe and we appreciate the efficient and prompt way, chosen by them, to solve any situation.

Thank you for your involvement and professionalism! You are a reliable team we can rely on!

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